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2 July 2016

I made the big move to Tasmania in December 2014 and now living in a small town 20 minutes from the East Coast of Tasmania, since moving here I have been struggling to find time to update my website but as soon as I get the chance I'll add my little Canvas Board paintings to the Gallery, I've been actively participating with the local St Mary's Stables Markets selling some of my artwork.

The biggest news I have is that I have finally finished my online store selling Iwata Airbrushes and accessories and although it's now in the teething stage, it's now operational and my now my focus is on updating my inventory for the store.

If your interested in having a look the link is below.



05 November 2011

It's been a while since I have been able to update the news section, in 2010 I was diagnosed with a permanent neck injury and in March 2011 I was involved in a motorcycle accident on my way home from holidays, I managed to break my RH clavicle, RH Metacarpal (which was pinned) and LH Thumb, I was off work for 3 months due to my incapacitation and as of October my last x-ray showed that the clavicle was just healing but not healed.

I managed to get back into Airbrushing around July even though I hadn't healed properly.

My wrist and shoulder still gives me grief but I'm trying to return back to normality as best I can.



10th January 2010

With my only entry  in Summernats 2010 Anest Iwata Airbrush art competition this year I managed to receive an "honourable mention" with my portrait of Trung


4th January 2009

With my 2 entries in Summernats 2009 Anest Iwata Airbrush art competition this year I took out Automotive Top Graphics for beginners with Stocky's Harley

23rd December 2008

After a long stint of not being able to airbrush due to a back injury I received in June, I have only just resumed painting again, I finally managed to get two old projects finished for the year (Stocky's Harley & Crystal Creek Waterfall) and these will be my entries in Summernats 2009.

I'm also proud to announce that I have added the Australian Airbrush co. Acrylics to my product lines on eBay, these are high quality paints and intended for the serious artist who requires their artwork to last a long time.

13th April 2008

I have opened up an eBay store and am selling a few items to gauge how I will go selling on eBay if you want to take a peek just click on the logo below

From collectibles to electronics, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay Stores

27th March 2008

I officially registered the business name "BlownART Airbrushing" and also acquired a ABN Number, so now I'm a legally registered business.

6th January 2008

I entered 4 artworks in the Summernats 2008 Anest Iwata Airbrush art competition in the Open Alternative Class and became Runner up with my "FX Holden" feather


13th September 2007

Finished another feather ("FX Holden") and this is now in the gallery. This feather was painted using the EFBE that I received the other month.

16th July 2007

Finished another canvas ("Blue Wren") and this is now in the gallery.

12th July 2007

Have ordered a new airbrush from EFBE in Germany. This airbrush is hand made and manufactured in Germany and has a 0.15mm needle. I can't wait till it arrives.

31st May 2007

Did a test run with the front Harley guard and this is the results. All I need to do is wait for the painter to prepare the guards and tank so I can get cracking on the final job.

15th May 2007

Finished another feather ("Cocky2")and this is now in the gallery.

12th April 2007

The only news I can add here at the moment is that I am about to commence work on a set of Harley Davison Guards and Tanks.

The Guards and Tanks will be base painted by a work colleague and I'll be airbrushing onto that surface and then they will go back to the painter for the Candy Purple, Candy Red and Clear coats to be applied.

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