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I was Born in England and emigrated with my parents to Australia when I was was 3, eventually my parents settled in Canberra, Australia and this has been my home for the majority of my life

After leaving school I worked in retail for 9 years at one of Australia's largest chain supermarkets before I commenced my current employment as a Bus driver working for ACTION Buses for the past 18 years.

In late 2005 I purchased my first airbrush with the intention of airbrushing my own vehicle and from the moment paint went into the paint  cup I was hooked.

As I work fulltime and generally 6 days per week I have very little time to airbrush but I choose to airbrush during my lunch break and on the one weekend day that I have off.

My development with airbrushing may be slower than most due to my busy work schedule but eventually I'll have more free time to airbrush, but for the time being I need to continue working to pay the bills and to afford more airbrushing materials.

I have never trained to be an artist, I have no knowledge on colour theories, I have no idea what colour magenta is, I even struggle to visualize what would happen when I mix colours together, all I know is that I have the passion to create and have adopted the attitude of "I'll give it a go", if it works and in the end I have created a piece that I am content with, then I'm happy. If there are problems on the way I'll battle through and try to achieve success.

I tend to enjoy doing portraits the most and soon I hope to be able to be more creative in my artwork as I have a few ideas floating around which I hope will be "different"..... Just have to give me time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I have achieved so far and I hope you return at a later date to check on my progress.

Mark ( aka Hidiho)

Update: Currently suffering with a serious back injury since June 2008 and this has severely limited my ability to  Airbrush, I'm still managing to get some painting in when the pain isn't too bad and hopefully my condition won't be too permanent.

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